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November 18, 2022

#TransAwarenessWeek: Tips to be a better ally

#TransAwarenessWeek: Tips to be a better ally

Every year, from Nov 13 to 19, #TransAwarenessWeek raises visibility for our trans friends and family, spotlighting issues members of the trans community face.

More so than ever, our trans friends and family need our support.

Here are some tips on being a better ally to the trans community, from Voda's Lead Therapist Chris Sheridan (they/them) (@theqtherapist).

1. Actively use and respect pronouns.

One of the simplest things you can do is to actively use people's preferred pronouns.

You can also include pronouns in your email signatures and web-conference settings.

2. Campaign for trans-inclusivity at work.

Small but important steps may include policy change in the workplace for gender-neutral bathrooms, and having a policy against discrimination based on gender identity or expression.

3. Stand up to bigotry.

Sometimes it's easier to just let things slide when we hear transphobic remarks. But unchallenged remarks trivialises hate and normalises transphobia. Call out remarks for being offensive, hurtful - both offline, and online.

4. Bring trans people into everyday conversations.

Invite in conversations about trans and gender diverse people at home, work or in your communities. Allyship is about creating tipping points and the world we want to live in.

5. Elevate trans voices in the media.

We need the media to listen to and platform trans and non binary people first and foremost. As the disability community say, “Nothing about us, without us”.

This #TransAwarenessWeek and beyond, educate yourself about trans issues.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about what it means to be trans.

Take the time to learn about the experiences of trans people and the challenges we face.

This is part of a two-part series for #TransAwarenessWeek.

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